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Street Angels Motorcycle Club, Incorporated was founded by 11 awe-inspiring women: Get Gone, Cocoa, Stingray, Venus, NonChalant, She-Devil, Angel, Mystique, Sinister, Freeway, and Skyy. The club's founding date is Wednesday, January 29, 2003. The ladies held their founding meeting at a local restaurant.

The Street Angels Motorcycle Club is a collaboration of professional women riders who enjoy the thrill, power, and excitement of riding motorcycles! We are dedicated in our efforts to provide for the community an organization which promotes the safety, camaraderie, and patronage of the riding population. On a consistent basis, we volunteer our time and expertise to aid in supporting positive endeavors in both the riding and neighboring communities. We enjoy making great contributions to our riding community, as well as assisting those in need.

We look forward to burning up the streets in Atlanta and beyond!

Our Founders

With the inception of Street Angels in 2003, we sat and collectively stated that we really desired to make a mark on the motorcycle community. We strived to paint a different face of women in the motorcycle world. Street Angels were not going to be women that rode bikes, but officially lady riders. Women in the motorcycle world had always been met with much opposition and stereotypes for numerous years. Would these 11 young ladies be able to change the world? No, but we were going to damn sure work on changing it in Atlanta, Georgia.


We were not going to be a dictatorship, but a democracy; and most of all we were going to strive to impact all that we encountered. Street Angels have been around for many years. We have seen clubs come and go. We have overcome many obstacles; yet, we still prevail. So, the founders of Street Angels would like to thank all of you for the continued support and love.
Street Angels Motorcycle Club Founders

"But, neither of these...scenarios worked for us, so when we started a family, we wanted a different [club]. And the other founders felt the same way".
~ Daniel Greenberg ~

The Angels

    Executive Board

Vice President
Secretary & New Members Coord.
Sgt. at Arms


Promotions Director
NonChalant NonChalant@street-angels.com
Road Captain
Community Affairs Director

Events & Information

Check back soon for our next event.


Membership is now OPEN.

Each applicant is required to pay a $125.00 application fee ($25 non-refundable, $100 refundable materials fee).

Potential members must be at least 21 years old.

Potential members must have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. If you do not have this, you must have a valid motorcycle permit. A motorcycle endorsement must be obtained within 45 days if not scheduled for a Motorcycle Safety Course. Until this is accomplished, while participating in club events, you will be restricted to motorcycle permit guidelines.

Potential members are required to attend a minimum of 5 meetings and/or events for membership consideration. A 90-day probation period will apply.

Potential members are responsible for obtaining at least 500 miles by riding with each member of the club.

Potential members are expected to be an active participant in Street Angels MC's fundraisers and activities.

Any member may bring in persons to be considered for membership.

Membership Application

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the New Members Coordinator, Phoenix, at Phoenix@street-angels.com

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Contact Us

Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 374581, Decatur, GA 30037

Contact Number:
(678) 318-3402

Email Address: